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Our Mission

To empower people with compassion and support, enhancing their quality of life through personal growth, independence, and community engagement.


Integrated Living Options is an Integrated Community Supports (ICS) provider dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for vulnerable adults through personalized care. Each resident lives in their own apartment unit provided by our program, ensuring privacy and independence. We offer comprehensive services, including community participation, health and wellness, household management, and adaptive skills development. Residents receive dedicated one-on-one staff hours based on their individual needs, available up to 24 hours daily, fostering personal growth, independence, and community engagement.

Our Story

Integrated Living Options was founded by Shane Ulven, Amber Ott, and Jennings Ott, who together bring 13 years of experience in providing home and community support for vulnerable adults. Our journey began with Family Residential Settings (FRS), where we created a warm, family-like environment for our residents. Motivated by our desire to extend this style of care to more residents, we created Integrated Living Options. Our goal is to offer the same sense of family and community support in an ICS setting, providing residents with their own homes while fostering independence and belonging. This vision drives us to empower individuals through dedicated and compassionate support.

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