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Our Services

Each resident at Integrated Living Options lives in their own individual apartment unit provided by our program, with services tailored to their needs and available up to 24 hours a day.

Community Participation

We enhance community participation by promoting safe mobility, access to resources, and community awareness. We help develop support networks, interpersonal communication skills, and plan recreational activities. Our goal is to foster independence and social inclusion for all residents.

Health, Safety & Wellness

We focus on health, safety, and wellness by coordinating health care appointments, meaningful activities, and social services while offering training and support for self-care activities. Our services help build resilience and support residents in meeting personalized health, safety, and wellness goals.

Adaptive Skills

We develop adaptive skills by teaching crisis prevention, positive support strategies, and problem-solving. We focus on sensory and motor development to enhance functional skills and promote self-sufficiency. Our support and training aim to increase positive behavior, reducing or eliminating challenging behaviors.

Household Management

We assist with household management by providing cueing, guidance, supervision, and training for routine care and maintenance. We promote household safety knowledge, offer tenancy support and advocacy, and help with budgeting, meal-planning, and nutrition. Our services include guidance on healthy lifestyle practices, household chores, minor maintenance, and personal-needs purchasing.


Integrated Community Supports are available to vulnerable adults living in an ICS setting and on one of the following waivers: 

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Integrated Community Supports (ICS)

Services that provide support and training/habilitation in community living service categories to adults age 18 and older who reside in a living unit of a provider-controlled ICS setting (e.g., apartment in a multi-family housing building). ICS can be delivered up to 24 hours per day in the person’s living unit or in the community.

Training In Community Living Service Categories

Skill-building and instructional services to acquire, retain and improve the person’s experience living in the community within an allowable community living service category. Training must meet the person’s identified needs.

ICS Setting

A setting in which a provider has an approved setting capacity report and has direct or indirect control over a person’s living unit. A provider has direct or indirect control over a person’s living unit when the provider either owns, operates or leases the living unit or has direct or indirect financial interest in the property or housing, including a financial relationship with the property owner.

A living unit is a self-contained living unit (e.g., apartment) with living, sleeping, eating, cooking and bathroom areas.

Support In Community Living Service Categories

Cueing, skill maintenance, guidance, instruction, assistance with activities of daily living, assistance with coordination of community living activities or direct supervision within an allowable community living service category.

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